Our Services

1.Outsourced Internal Audit and Assurance Services.
In addition to Risk Based Internal Auditing, compliance reviews are rendered to ensure submission to the laws & regulations for the industry/sector in which the client operates, the client’s internal policies and procedures and other relevant guidelines such as international good manufacturing practices (GMPs), as well as the international accounting and financial reporting standards. 

 Our services also include specialized audit reviews and these can be one-off assessments such as;
  • Information Systems & Technology reviews (including network security checks, IT infrastructure, IT data governance).
  • Governance reviews & advisory (Board dynamics, Executive Management, ethics, Enterprise risk management).
  • Human Resources reviews.
  • Mechanical & Electrical engineering reviews (including power audits).
  • Third Party audit reviews (assessments on other companies contracted by our client).
  • Occupational Health & Safety Reviews, 
  • Compliance Reviews, and Culture audit reviews among others.
2. Accounting and Financial Management services.
 SETHPRO provides accounting and financial management services for different types and sizes of organisations including, but not limited to, manufacturing, financial services, real estate, trade, NGOs. The financial management services we provide include: 
  •  The Assistant Accountant Package, with deliverables such as developing or reviewing the chart of accounts, book keeping and preparation of the Trial Balance.
  •  The Accountant Package, with deliverables such as preparation of periodic Management accounts and interpretation. 
  • The Chief Finance Officer Package, that includes deliverables such as Budgeting, Asset verification checks, Reconciliations, and Strategic Financial planning & Reporting among others.

 3. Tax Advisory.

    SETHPRO offers Tax services in packages such as: 
    •  Preparation & Filing of Tax Returns. 
    • Tax planning, Insights and advisory. 
    • Tax Health Checks (Tax Compliance Reviews/Checks).

    4. Other Consultancy services..

    In addition to the services described above, we offer other consultancy services as highlighted below;
    • Quality Assessment for Internal Audit activities. We offer quality assessments of internal audit functions or departments to organizations/clients with an in-house Internal Audit activity/department/unit. This is a professional requirement of the internal audit functions, to be checked so as to ensure that they adhere to the Internal Auditors’ expectations such as the Standards. This review identifies areas of weaknesses and sets out recommendations to internal audit functions for improvement.

    •  Capacity building for Internal Auditors. Internal auditing being an evolving field, the practitioners must be kept abreast of any changes in order to enable them match the demands, dynamics, and techniques of auditing evolving businesses. This service is offered to clients who have an in-house internal audit and or compliance function/department. The package of trainings equips auditors with certified methodologies for the evolving environment of internal auditing. 

    • Development & Documentation of business processes, manuals & policies. For this service, we review existing records, develop and document business processes as per requirements of our clients. We support businesses put in place relevant and practical Manuals, Internal policies, and Standard Operating Procedures customized to the client’s environments thereby providing a guide on how different activities can be executed effectively and efficiently. 

    • Recruitments for Internal Audit & Accounts Departments. We offer professional sourcing of qualified and competent staff for internal audit functions or departments to the clients with an in-house Internal Audit activity. Recruitment & Training services are also rendered to clients that wish to employ Finance personnel assessed and tested by SETHPRO. 

    • Board advisory. We offer advisory on formulation, documentation, and assessments of performance for constituted Boards of Directors. These services aim at enabling our clients obtain the right level of expertise (and mix of relevant experiences) on the Board, able to offer oversight and evaluation of business operations. Our Board advisory services also seek to broaden the knowledge base of the Board members so that they may step up to the continuing demands of the company. 
    • Property Inspections for Real Estate clients. We perform inspections of commercial and industrial buildings and offer assurance that elements relating to safety, sanitation, security, tenant relations, structural integrity of buildings, and the environmental condition among others are in order. Through this, we are able give clients the most in-depth, accurate information on the condition and status of property at a given time, or specified intervals

Accounting & book keeping

Quality Assurance for Internal Audit Functions

Tax Advisory.

Information Technology audit reviews


Capacity building for Internal Auditors


Financial Management